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Certified Company DBE
Waste Management Services NYC NJ

What is DBE ?

DBE stands for "Disadvantaged Business Enterprise". It is a program developed by the United States Department of Transportation with the aim of promoting the inclusion of businesses owned by minorities, women, and disabled veterans in the transportation industry.

This certification program helps socially disadvantaged businesses to compete on an equal footing for construction contracts, supplies, and transportation-related services. The DBE certification process is rigorous and requires businesses to submit an application and provide documentation to demonstrate their eligibility.

By obtaining the DBE certification, a company demonstrates that it meets the ownership and control requirements, and can be used as a means to comply with the DBE contracting requirements established by government agencies and private companies.

In addition, by hiring the services of a certified DBE company, you are supporting diversity in hiring and contributing to the inclusion of socially disadvantaged businesses in our country's economy. This is important because it helps to reduce economic inequalities and promotes fair competition in the transportation industry.

In summary, if you are a socially disadvantaged business and want to compete for public and private transportation contracts, the DBE certification can be a great opportunity for you. And if you are looking to hire the services of a transportation company, choosing a certified DBE company is a way to support diversity in hiring and contribute to a fairer and more inclusive economy.

So there you have it, the DBE certification is an opportunity for inclusion and business growth!

What is DBE certification in New Yor New Jersey ?

Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications are offered to businesses owned by economically or socially 'disadvantaged' members of the population. This includes small, minority, and woman owned businesses, as well as those that meet size or location standards.

Company DBE NYC NJ

JEGinc Dumpster Rentals Waste Management is proud to be a certified DBE company. This is because we meet the rigorous ownership and control requirements established by the United States Department of Transportation.

Additionally, by hiring the services of a certified DBE company like ours, our clients can rest assured that they are supporting diversity and inclusion in hiring and contributing to a more fair and inclusive economy.

We are proud to be part of a program that supports other businesses owned by minorities, women, and disabled veterans, and we are committed to continue providing high-quality services and promoting inclusion in our industry.

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